March 2004 – The Board awards all of its youth services (in and out of school) to Henkels and McCoy, Inc. ACS continues as the Board’s One-Stop Customer Services provider.

July 2004 – Neal Branch is appointed as the Board’s Chair.

July 2004 – Chantee Roberts, Citrus Cars recipient was featured on Citrus Cars story aired on Channel 13 News.

August 2004 – As hurricanes begin hitting Polk County, the Board receives 5.2 million dollars over the next several months to employ people dislocated by the storms in hurricane recovery jobs. 350 people begin working. At the Polk Works annual meeting featuring ‘Men in the Workforce’ themed event, Carl Strang receives the Hammer Award for outstanding service to workforce development

October 2004 – Polk Works holds first Aces for Workforce literacy golf tournament, raising over $78,000 for workforce literacy.

November 2004 – Larry Miller, former board chair, is recognized by WFI as a Florida Workforce Development Hero.

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