CareerSource Polk is governed by a volunteer board of directors representing the business and education community of Polk County. Business owners, executives and community leaders serving on the Board look at critical workforce issues and develop strategic planning goals and objectives.

The strategic plan helps to engage the greater community in overall efforts to address performance of the following programs:

  • Career Centers
  • Employer Services
  • Youth Services

The Board focuses on these initiatives through the following committees:

Workforce Performance Council

The Workforce Performance Council addresses the workforce needs of business and industry as well as the needs of job seekers. It recommends policies and strategies to improve both the skill levels of the workforce and the availability of higher-skilled jobs. The Council reviews labor market information to address training related to high skills/high wage issues and reviews and makes recommendations about contract awards for service and training providers. It also provides oversight of CareerSource Polk centers; recommends policies and strategies to improve the quality of jobs filled by the underemployed, including researching, addressing and improving the types of training and delivery systems available to incumbent workers. It devises strategies to deliver, and later oversees, employer efforts to improve employee recruitment and retention and designs strategies to divert individuals from receipt of public assistance through employment activities.

Youth Development Council

The Youth Development Council designs and recommends the delivery of service strategies that address the need to prepare young people and others new to the workforce for employment or transition to additional education beyond high school. It oversees the Board’s teenage pregnancy prevention and teen parent initiatives, and it monitors performance of all youth development strategies.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees development of the budget and ensures accurate tracking/monitoring/accountability for funds. It ensures adequate financial controls and reviews major grants. The Finance Committee Chair is the Board Treasurer.

CareerSource Polk Board members, 80% of whom represent the private sector, are appointed by the Polk County Board of County Commissioners to serve a three-year term. Currently, the Board has over 30 members who meet four times a year. All Board members also serve on at least one committee/council that meets four times a year.

View the Bylaws here.

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