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CareerSource Polk is the direct service provider for various workforce programs supported by the U.S. Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and other agencies as part of awards totaling $13.4 million for FY24 (revised annually). Unless otherwise stipulated, all statements, press releases, requests for proposals, bid solicitations, and other documents are fully funded with federal money.

CareerSource Polk (CSP) strives to make it easy to help members of our communities understand the workforce system, the economy, and how to be successful in the current labor market. Pursuant to Florida’s Public Records and Open Government laws, CareerSource Polk, its board, and committees are committed to providing records as quickly and efficiently as possible. To arrange an interview or for more information, please contact:

Cristina C. Mazarredo
Director of Outreach and Communications
CareerSource Polk

Administrative Office
600 N. Broadway Ave., Suite B
Bartow, FL 33830

Office: 863-508-2916 or 863-508-1100 x 1116
Email: [email protected]

Name and Logo Usage

Proper brandmark usage is vital to maintaining the strength and integrity of the CareerSource Polk brand. Our Outreach and Communications Office monitors and maintains the correct use of the corporate signature. The CareerSource Polk logo should not be altered in any way, including changing colors, reproduction of the full-color mark on color backgrounds, use of special effects such as drop shadows, reproduction in whole or in part as a tint or transparency, rotation of the mark in orientation other than horizontal or distorting the logo. To increase or decrease the size of the logo, it must be “pulled” or “pushed” from the corner marks, not from one of its sides, to maintain proper proportion.

Name Usage
  • CareerSource should always contain a capital “C” and capital “S.” Polk should always contain a    capital “P.”
  • “Polk” should always accompany CareerSource; CareerSource should not be used by itself.
  • Career centers should be referred to as follows:
  • CareerSource Polk – Winter Haven career center
  • CareerSource Polk – Lakeland career center
Logo Usage

For maximum impact and clarity, the logo should be reproduced at a minimum height of 3/4 inch. In all applications, the clear space around the brandmark should equal the height of the top arrow segment as detailed below (x). Any background inside this clear space should be even and free from typography or any other graphic elements. The minimum clear space must be maintained on all sides.

  • The full-color logo should be used whenever possible and only on a white background.
  • The logo may also appear in black, tones of black, or grayscale when color printing is not possible.
  • A reversed logo should only be used when using a full-color logo is not an option. The reversed option should always be all white and preferably sit on top of a brand color. When possible, the reversed option will generally be preferred over the grayscale and black options.
  • This applies to all printed and online materials.

Only logos supplied by Outreach and Communications should be used. If you have seen an alternate logo you would like to use, please contact us at [email protected].


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