Board Documents and Financials

CareerSource Polk is governed by a volunteer board of directors representing the business and education community of Polk County. Business owners, executives and community leaders serving on the Board look at critical workforce issues and develop strategic planning goals and objectives.

Stevens Amendment: CareerSource Polk is the direct service provider for various workforce programs which are supported by the U.S. Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Agriculture, and other agencies as part of awards totaling $13.4 million (revised annually). Unless otherwise stipulated, all statements, press releases, requests for proposals, bid solicitations, and other documents are fully funded with federal money.


The bylaws were approved by the Board of Directors on February 20, 2024.

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Four-Year Local Workforce Services Plan 2020-2024

Four-Year Local Workforce Services Plan 2020-2024

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Local Workforce Plan Two-Year Modification 2023-2024


MSFW Outreach Plan 2020-2024

MSFW Outreach Plan 2020-2024


Contractual Agreements

Grantee Sub-Grantee Agreement

Inspired Technologies Vendor Agreement  2023-2024

Vendor Agreement Addendum – Inspired Technologies

Interlocal Agreement: 2023-2026

Monitoring Agreement – Taylor Hall Miller, Parker, LLC

Lease Agreement: Polk Building, LLC

Voice & Data Agreement: Spectrum Enterprises

Fiscal Audit Agreement: Grau & Associates

Fiscal Audit Lease Implementation Services Agreement: James Moore & Co.

Fiscal Audit Agreement: James Moore & Co. P.L. – PY 2022

Fiscal Audit Agreement: James Moore & Co. P.L. – PY 2021



Form 990 Ending 6-30-23

Form 990 Ending 6-30-22

Financial Audit Ending 6-30-23

Financial Audit Ending 6-30-22

Final Budget 7-1-23 through 6-30-24


System-Wide Salary Ranges

Systemwide Salary Ranges and Executive Compensation


Schedule of Operations

Schedule of Operations – Calendar PY 2023-2024

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