January 2003 – The Board receives $330,000 in incentive funds from the state for high performance in the previous program year.

April 2003 – Citrus Cars contracts to administer the Working Wheels program in Hillsborough County.

May 2003 – Polk Works Executive Director Nancy Thompson is elected President of the Florida Workforce Development Association.

May 2003 – Due to budget cuts, Polk Works downsizes their Bartow and Lake Wales One-Stop Centers to Service Centers for Food Stamp Employment & Training and welfare transition program participants.

July 2003 – Polk Works receives a US Department of Labor competitive grant for $298,000 to improve access and services for residents with disabilities.

July 2003 – Larry Miller is reappointed as the Board’s Chair.

July 2003 – The second annual state of the workforce report is published on CD Rom as part of the Polk Works annual report.

August 2003 – Polk Works Career CD Rom is released providing employment, labor market and education information that targets high school students.

August 2003 -at the Polk Works annual meeting Mike Stedem receives the Hammer Award for outstanding service to workforce development.

October 2003 – Polk Works was named one of the top 3 performing regions in the state and honored for maximizing workforce development resources for their Workforce Literacy program. Mike Stedem is also named Workforce Champion by Workforce Florida Inc.

November 2003 – Polk Works WorkForce 2020 names their first Best Places to Work employers honoring 8 businesses in Polk County for best workforce practices during the Success Rally. Polk Works WorkForce 2020 also recognized 4 employers during their Workforce Literacy roundtable for hosting on-site GED prep classes.

November 2003 – The Board earned over $189,000 in incentive dollars for outstanding performance in rapid re-employment of dislocated and unemployed workers at good wages. Also Polk Works did well in helping former welfare clients not to return to welfare.

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