March 1998 – The Board approves several contracts designed to achieve a reduction in the rate of teenage pregnancy. They also vote to consolidate all workforce and WAGES services into a single contract.

April 1998 – Polk County receives recognition as the Outstanding School-to-Work partnership in the State.

May 1998 – The Board awards the consolidated contract for customer services to Lockheed Martin, IMS. The total Board budget is nearly 12 million dollars and over 4 million is awarded to Lockheed.

July 1998 – Al Dorsett is appointed as the Board’s Chair.

August 1998 – The Board begins operation of its subsidiary corporation, Citrus Cars of Polk County. Designed as a low-income car ownership program, it helps working welfare recipients lease used cars. This is one of only 5 similar programs in the country.

September 1998 – The Board selects Lockheed Martin IMS as its One-Stop Operator under the new Workforce Investment Act. The Board also receives a national Welfare-to-Work program allocation to begin serving the hardest to serve of those still on the welfare rolls.

October 1998 – The Board selects the Polk County School Board to head up a coalition of community-based agencies engaged in preparing young people for the workplace.

November 1998 – Citrus Cars of Polk County issued the first vehicle to Ruby Philpot, single parent & welfare recipient.

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