What documents do I need for eligibility?

High School Students:

Due to recent program updates, high school students will need a valid Florida ID and must be permitted to work in the United States.

Young Adults Not Enrolled in High School or College:

Below are the documents that you will need if you are selected to participate in the youth training program. These include:

  • Signed Social Security card (If you need to apply for one, please note that it takes at least two weeks to receive your card.)
  • Verification of date of birth (Acceptable documents: Birth Certificate or Florida driver’s license)
  • Current photo id (Acceptable documents: Florida driver’s license, Florida ID, US passport, or Alien Registration Card.
  • Proof of income for the last six months for every working member in your household or proof of public assistance within the last 6-months or Free or reduced lunch verification. Note: Free lunch must be validated based on an application and approval process not valid when the entire school receives free lunch.
  • Documentation of Polk County residency (Acceptable documents: lease agreement, utility bill, or letter from Social Service Agency)
  • Documentation to validate the last school attended. (Acceptable documents: high school diploma, current school transcript, school summary report, or withdrawal documentation)


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