Education and Industry Consortium

The Education and Industry Consortium reviews and prioritizes skills needed in key industry sectors; analyzes existing educational training programs for prioritized skills;  defines skills training gaps; and, approves credentials for inclusion on the State’s Master Credentials list.

Membership (appointed by CareerSource Polk Board Chair): Members to be determined

Up to three representatives from each of the following targeted sectors:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Agritechnology & Agribusiness
  • Aviation & Aerospace
  • Health Sciences
  • Logistics, Supply Chain and Distribution

Membership term is 2 years.
Consortium Chair appointed by CareerSource Polk Board Chair.
Meets on a quarterly basis.  Issues a report to the CareerSource Polk Board.
Meets in CareerSource Polk regular committee cycle.
Meetings will be held in-person and virtually via Zoom.

Meeting Notices:

(No notices are available at this time.)

Consortium Reports:

(No reports are available at this time.)

Consortium Members:

To be determined.

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