Youth Internship Program – FAQs

Below you will find answers to questions frequently asked regarding the Youth Internship Program.

Who is eligible to apply?

Eligibility is limited to the following candidates:

  • Polk County residents.
  • Young adults aged 16 to 24.
What is my current school status ?

Below are the options for school status and what determines your selection:

High School  – Select if you are currently attending a Polk County School as a high school student including students enrolled in collegiate or dual enrollment programs.

Adult School – Select if you are currently attending East Area Adult School, West Area Adult School or any other adult school in the area.

College – Select if you are currently enrolled in a post-secondary school including technical colleges.

Note:  “Attending School” includes those registered for classes, is between school terms and intends to return to school (ex. Summer months)

What company will I get to train with?

Participants will be placed at various positions throughout Polk County based on, but not limited to the following factors:

  • Your schedule of availability to work
  • Your primary mode of transportation/the distance you are while to commute for work
  • Your career interests & skills
  • The needs of the employer/host agency



How will we communicate with participants?

Youth Leadership Training Program participants are required to have their own valid email address.  CareerSource Polk staff will communicate by email with regards to eligibility status once all required documents have been received.  If selected to participate in the program, CareerSource Polk staff will also send email notifications regarding weekly activities and virtual workshops.  It is your responsibility to ensure that we have the correct email address on file and that you are checking your email on a regular basis for updates and notifications.  CareerSource Polk is not responsible for messages that are not received timely.

Can I participate in the Youth Leadership Training Program if I am currently working?

The training program was designed to aide those youth who have limited to no work history.

  • High school young adults participating in the Summer Program must be able to manage their schedules between their employer and CareerSource Polk’s Summer Program.
  • Young adults not enrolled in high school or college will need to meet with a case manager.
How long will my training last?

Young adults enrolled in high school can train from June 2nd to August 4th.

Young adults not enrolled in high school or college can train up to 20 weeks in the Youth Leadership Training Program. Training is divided into two 10-week training segments, allowing two separate experiences with two different employers to enhance their skills and knowledge of interested industries.

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