Virtual Roundtable Registration: Violence in the Workplace

About this Workshop: Violence in the Workplace

Since our nation has been experiencing the COVID-19 Pandemic, Workplace Violence is on the rise.  How Can HR help their employees during this time:

  • Briefly discuss how workers may be threatened and assaulted as businesses/agencies try to put into place COVID-19 prevention policies and practices (e.g., mandatory use of masks, social distancing and the limits of customers.)
  • What are some common stressors from COVID-19:
    • Loss of income, Social distasting, Illness, parents with school age children
  • “Highly stressed employees can potentially bring violent behaviors to the workplace” – SHRM Paul Bergeron June 15, 2000
  • What can HR do to help
  • Train staff how to deal with an Active Shooter – Presentation
    • Facts & Statistics
    • Active Shooter Incidents
    • How to Respond
    • Information to Provide to Law Enforcement
    • How to Manage the aftermath (Managing the Consequences)

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