Virtual Roundtable Registration: Body Language Fluency

About this Workshop: Body Language Fluency

Leaders who read and use body language fluently gain an advantage in being able to communicate and understand information that isn’t being transmitted in actual words.

Non-verbal cues include all communication between people that is not verbally expressed: body language, facial expressions, posture, eye contact, gestures, tone of voice, touch, physical space and even clothing.

When used together with verbal communication or alone, body language clarifies messages. It sets the tone of a conversation and can positively or negatively impact perception.

Individuals will gain an understanding of how to use body language fluently to make certain they are communicating the intended message effectively.

This workshop has been expanded for COVID with the addition of how to greet others, replacing the traditional handshake with other more socially distancing appropriate methods.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Know what you are saying with your posture and stance
  • Understand and use non-verbal cues.
  • Define and understand the fundamentals of a greeting in today’s socially distanced environment
  • Explore how body postures build self-confidence.

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