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About this Workshop: Ageism in the Workplace

It’s the year 2022, and while society may be adapting just fine to the benefits of a world run by artificial intelligence and automation, employers are finding themselves facing empty positions and retention struggles. Where have all the workers gone? It’s been coined “the talent shortage.” It’s real, it’s here, and it isn’t going away any time soon. So, what does this mean for employers? Throughout the pandemic recovery process, the job-market pendulum has swung to favor employees being in the driver’s seat, ultimately forcing employers to think outside of the box.

Over the past seven (7) years, CareerSource Brevard has spent extensive effort to reach what’s locally been defined as “hidden talent pools.” These pockets of opportunity are the underserved, those potential employees that employers may have looked past originally.

In this session, we will discuss “one stone left unturned” – the older worker population. Participants will learn, in detail, about the value older workers bring to the workplace and how to employ good practices to foster an older-worker-friendly environment. We’ll discuss pairing the skills your company desires with skills exhibited by this talent pool. We’ll identify myths about the population and share strategies to reach these candidates. Most importantly, we’ll discuss why you need to be considering these candidates in your recruitment efforts.


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