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About this Workshop: The Importance of Hiring Military Veterans

Why should you hire a veteran?

When employers hire veterans, they bring a different dynamic to the workforce. Veterans bring essential technical and interpersonal skills, discipline, leadership, loyalty, and many more attributes to a company’s workforce. The veteran mentality of “service before self” creates a success drive that motivates them to exceed customers expectations. Veterans deliver expertise, on the job training, and advanced skills that could not be learned anywhere else.

By hiring a veteran employers know that they will gain critical skillsets including leadership, teamwork, honesty, and proactive decision making. They are model candidates for any industry or employer because of the qualities they bring to the company.

Employers can also leverage incentives from the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program when hiring unemployed veterans. This workshop will provide information on how and why to recruit and retain veterans as employees as well as the benefits and incentives employers gain when veterans are hired.


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