Polk County Unites 2020 Thank You for Your Submission

Thank you for applying for the Polk County Unites grant!

Your application has been submitted for review.  You will receive a confirmation email containing additional information on how the review process works and next steps.

For any additional questions, please call 863-508-1100 x 1113

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We understand that these are challenging times. Although the Polk County Unites grant is now closed, you may be interested in some of our other services and programs. We would love the opportunity to speak with you!

Operation Recovery 2020: Earn $20/hour working for a Polk County employer.  For more information: https://www.careersourcepolk.com/operation-recovery-2020-for-job-seekers/

Career Development | WIOA: You may be eligible for tuition assistance up to $10,000 including instructional costs, books, materials, fees and academic support services. For more information visit: https://www.careersourcepolk.com/career-seekers/career-assistance/career-development-wioa/

Career Opportunities: Employers are hiring! We can help you find your next job! Give us a call at 863-508-1100.

Reemployment Assistance: We can assist you with registering for RA as well as review your account to ensure that you are receiving all of the funds you are due. Because we are not DEO, we can also assist with some RA related issues, but not ALL.  Any issues we cannot assist with will be explained in as much detail as possible, but you may still be advised to contact DEO directly to have the problem resolved.

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