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About this Workshop: Reconnecting during “The Great Resignation”

Employers are currently operating in a confusing time when it comes to staffing and employee engagement. Despite a general rise in salaries, there is widespread discontent among employees, leading to massive turnover and reduced enthusiasm in the remaining staff. There is a lack of cohesion among team members, and productivity and customer service are suffering. Meanwhile, COVID and the adaptive responses employers made to it have left a workforce with expectations that baffle both management and HR professionals. “Help!,” is the desperate request.

In this fast-paced, interactive workshop, participants will first glean insight into possible solutions from the latest surveys and statistics on the current workplace situation, Then they will learn a plethora of economically-friendly, effective and immediately applicable strategies and techniques for sourcing qualified candidates and retaining good employees.

There has never been a time when it is more critical to understand what is going on in employees and candidates’ minds and meet them where they are. There ARE solutions — and you will get them at this round table.

Specifically, participants will:
• understand the most common reasons employees disengage and quit
• know the consistently highest cited motivations for employees
• appreciate how COVID changed the employer-employee dynamics and employee expectations
• master ways to incorporate the top motivators into every work day
• create a culture where brewing dissatisfaction can be discussed, understood, and addressed

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