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About this Workshop: Financial Literacy for Employees

Money figures prominently in the performance of and the career decisions of almost every employee. Your employees’ understanding or ignorance about finances and how money works affects their present well-being and their future security — as well as the current and future strength of your organization. It thus behooves employers to increase employees’ access to non-intimidating, easily accessible and implementable financial principles. The typical presentations by in-house HR and insurance and retirement vendors may be adequate to assist employees evaluate limited options, but do little to educate them about how to create a financially secure foundation for their lives, regardless of the amount of their paycheck.

In this exquisitely timed workshop (in preparation for the new year), participants will discover the long-ranging and broad impact of offering employees financial education. They will learn how to access inexpensive or free training, and understand the basics of how to guide employees.

As a result of this workshop, participants will:

  • Recognize how to determine the amount of money truly needed for retirement and how a seemingly unreachable number can be reached through wise choices and discipline
  • Know how to create a budget and the recommended percentages of common expenses
  • Understand how to eliminate debt in the fastest and most economically savvy way
  • Understand individual risk tolerance and be able to evaluate investments, debts, life insurance, and other financial choices, including how to manage emotions and make money in a down market
  • Discover how the theory of decreasing responsibility can be used to structure an evolving financial plan that will address life’s major fears of dying too soon and outliving one’s money
  • Find overlooked opportunities to save on current expenses
  • Have peace of mind in knowing they have identified possible risks and prepared for them.

Come learn these critical principles for the good of yourself, your employees, and your company — just in time to implement them in the new year.


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