Virtual Roundtable Registration: Benefits of Hiring Individuals Recently Released From Incarceration

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About this Workshop: Benefits of Hiring Individuals Recently Released from Incarceration

There is a hidden ban that impacts re-entry individuals who are seeking employment. This hidden ban is the applicant background information which employers request on job applications. Employers use this information to avoid interviewing or hiring re-entry individuals. Even though this is illegal, employers still do it.

This event is to highlight the benefits of hiring a re-entry individual. These benefits include an increased talent pool of hard-working and skilled individuals who will appreciate the opportunity to work. Many re-entry individuals gain new skillsets or learn a trade while incarcerated. When they are released these valuable skills and trades can be used to fill multiple positions requiring specific qualifications.


  • Advantages of hiring a re-entry individual
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
  • ‘National Ban the Box’ Bill
  • Tax-benefits
  • Wage reimbursement


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