Youth Internship

Explore the possibilities of careers through hands-on training that enhances your skills and knowledge. Let us help you discover your options and find the perfect training opportunity that fits your career goals.

The CareerSource Polk Young Leaders program offers out-of-school youth between the ages of 16 and 24 the opportunity to participate in a year-round training program to explore career options and gain hands-on experience. Participating young adults are eligible to work up to 20 weeks in the Youth Leadership Training Program. This program is divided into two 10-week training segments, allowing for two separate experiences with different businesses to enhance their skills and knowledge of interested industries.

A combination private, nonprofit, and public sectors employers have committed to hosting youth in their place of business, introducing them to real-world experiences and skills to enhance their knowledge of the position and company offerings.

Click the link below to apply!

2023 Youth Leadership Training Program application

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