Virtual Roundtable Registration: The Gig Economy is Changing Todays Workforce

About this Workshop: The Gig Economy is Changing Today’s Workforce

Key Point A: The Gig Economy is changing today’s workforce and the way we think about work.  Gone are the days of working 20+ years with one company; instead,

    1. Employees are seeking working arrangements that fit their needs and lifestyles.
    2. “Gig” work is no longer just for actors and musicians, but rather for individuals in any industry including IT, HR, Operations, and R&D that take on critical and tactical roles involved in shaping the future of an organization.

Key Point B: With technological influences making the shift towards “alternative workers” possible, this segment of the workforce has become mainstream.

    1. For HR professionals and business leaders managing alternative forms of employment will present new uncertainties.
    2. Producing a positive experience throughout the alternative workers “gig” will be critical to maximize their contributions; from recruitment and onboarding, establishing company culture, to eventually off-boarding and exiting the employment.

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