Frequently Asked Questions

What does CareerSource Polk do?

CareerSource Polk is a non-profit organization that works to connect the employers and job seekers of Polk County. Our services are provided at no-cost and we assist entry level to professional job seekers gain the skills they need to find employment while coordinating with local employers to ensure they can find, hire, and train their workforce.

How do I post a job?

We use Employ Florida Marketplace as our online job search tool. The Employ Florida system offers a full range of features and services to employers in their workforce development needs. You may either visit Employ Florida and post your job yourself or you may contact our Business Services department to post the job for you.

How long can my job be posted?

Your listing may be posted on Employ Florida Marketplace for three weeks. At that time, we will check in with you and if you have not been able to find a satisfactory candidate, we may extend the posting and offer services to help you find your future employer.

What happened to Polk Works?

Led by Workforce Florida, the statewide workforce investment board, Polk Works, along with its 23 regional board counterparts, responded to the 2012 Regional Workforce Boards Accountability Act, which was passed by the Florida Legislature and was signed into law by Governor Rick Scott that called for a unified brand of all regions. The new brand, CareerSource Polk, is a result of extensive market research and input from local leaders, employers, job seekers, workforce professionals and community partners throughout Florida. Our name may have changed, but the team, locations, programs, and services that you have come to rely on are still here. We will continue to provide you the tools you need to reach your employment goals.

Can you provide training to my staff?

Yes and no. We host training related to human resource issues as a HRCI Approved Provider through our monthly Employer Roundtable sessions and annual State of the Workforce Summit. If you are looking for skills based training for other members of your staff (Computer and Software, Customer Service, Etc.) we may be able to offset the cost of training through a training grant, but we are not the direct provider of the training.

What is the fee for your recruitment or placement services?

There is no fee for our services. We receive the federal workforce grant funds dedicated to Polk County and so we are able to serve both employers and job seekers at no cost.