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Rountable Seminar
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Talent Recruitment, Compensation and Training Resources
CareerSource Polk Business Services
Zoom Call
Talent/Recruitment Presentation
So how should HR leaders respond to a climate in which talent is increasingly scarce and expensive?
What are the resources available to local companies that will assist them with selecting, training and retaining their talent?

The goal of this presentation is to identify and inform businesses of resources that will allow them to take advantage of information and funding that will assist with talent recruitment, compensation and training.
Remote leading: Balancing to Strategic Results
J Lenora Bresler with Bresler Training, LLC
Zoom Call
Companies are experiencing both the benefits and the challenges of employees working – wherever. Whether in offices, cities or states away from their direct supervisors or at their own kitchen tables, employees are ever more likely to be working in environments far removed from the traditional cubicle-world or offices off a central hallway. Managing, leading, and motivating a remote workforce requires a definite plan along with new ways of establishing rapport, providing support, and managing performance. Leaders who thrive on regular, in-person interaction may not adjust as well to engaging with employees who are heads on a Zoom screen. While new technologies make it possible to track ever more closely remote employees’ output, such scrutiny can engender perceptions of mistrust and unrealistic demands. We will ponder the myriad of challenges remote working brings and uncover the mindsets and behaviors leaders need to navigate successfully in this new remote workplace with an eye specifically toward ensuring that strategic goals are always placed front and center.
Professionalism in a Remote Environment
Carrie Root with Alpha UMi
Zoom Call
Good business etiquette is a mark of professionalism that will differentiate people and enhance their chances of landing the dream job, advancing in their positions and/or sustaining their careers.
Professionalism extends beyond the face-to-face environment into the tech world as social media becomes more relevant to individual and organizational success.
Professionalism and respect for others, whether in-person or on-line makes a positive first impression while building trust among colleagues. This fosters productive collaboration in culturally and dimensionally diverse interactions, especially if remote work is part of that equation.
This competency is designed to demonstrate strategies and provide tools to model ideal behavior, foster a culture of civility and respect and give leaders the skills to stand out from their less diplomatic peers.

Learning Outcomes:
· Understand how corporate cultures, etiquette and attire contribute to professionalism
· Gain insight into how to deal with etiquette offenders.
· Explore the new rules for professionalism in a virtual workplace
· Explore age and dimensional factors in professional use of social media.
Legal Updates
Bill Grob with Ogletree, Deacons, Attorney/Shareholder
Zoom Call
With each new year, employers and human resource professionals are faced with new challenges. Laws impacting employers are changing rapidly and staying ahead of the curve is crucial to success for both employers and those advising them. Join this session to explore the most difficult and sensitive issues currently facing employers, as well as those on the horizon.
Our Body Language Fluency
Carrie Root with Alpha UMi
Zoom Call
Leaders who read and use body language fluently gain an advantage in being able to communicate and understand information that isn’t being transmitted in actual words.
Non-verbal cues include all communication between people that is not verbally expressed: body language, facial expressions, posture, eye contact, gestures, tone of voice, touch, physical space and even clothing.
When used together with verbal communication or alone, body language clarifies messages. It sets the tone of a conversation and can positively or negatively impact perception.
Individuals will gain an understanding of how to use body language fluently to make certain they are communicating the intended message effectively.
This workshop has been expanded for COVID with the addition of how to greet others, replacing the traditional handshake with other more socially distancing appropriate methods.

Learning Outcomes:
• Know what you are saying with your posture and stance
• Understand and use non-verbal cues.
• Define and understand the fundamentals of a greeting in today’s socially distanced environment
• Explore how body postures build self-confidence.
Violence in the Workplace
Donna Parker, Dir. of HR, and Lt. Shea from the Polk County Sheriff's Office
Zoom Call
Since our nation has been experiencing the COVID-19 Pandemic, Workplace Violence is on the rise. This Roundtable will cover how HR can help their employees during this time.

• Briefly discuss how workers may be threatened and assaulted as businesses/agencies try to put into place COVID-19 prevention policies and practices (e.g., mandatory use of masks, social distancing and the limits of customers.)
• What are some common stressors from COVID-19: Loss of income, Social distasting, Illness, parents with school age children
• “Highly stressed employees can potentially bring violent behaviors to the workplace” – SHRM Paul Bergeron June 15, 2000
• What can HR do to help
• Train staff how to deal with an Active Shooter – Presentation
This includes Facts & Statistics, Active Shooter Incidents, How to Respond, Information to Provide to Law Enforcement, How to Manage the Aftermath (Managing the Consequences)
Legal Updates - What to Expect with the New Administration
Kristen Allman from The Partners Group
Zoom Call
We will discuss the latest developments in employment law this past year and determine how such reforms affect potential workplace policy and practice changes for employers. This event will also cover what employment decisions are pending before the US Supreme Court and tackle head-on some of the most significant challenges facing employers in the workplace today.
Managing Stress During Troubling Times
Kirk D. Fasshauer, Director of Crisis Services - Peace River Center
Zoom Call
Kirk D Fasshauer is the Director of Crisis Services at the Peace River Center. His knowledge and background will give us helpful insights into how to manage our staff during this pandemic and during crisis situations. Tune in to learn how to examine stress basics, recognize factors influencing stress, develop a plan to build resiliency, and discuss a methods to recognize when stress is taking over. These are all skills needed by HR Managers and company managers.
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