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Below you will find supporting documentation from the 2022 Employer’s Edge as well as helpful insights for your area.

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Session Number
Session Title
Session 1Benefits SurveySession 1 Downloadable Presentation

Session 2Can Your Employees Afford to Work for You?Session 2 Downloadable Presentation
About this session:Join us for an interactive session where attendees work through the real-world scenarios employees face in providing for their families.

Session 3Best PracticesSession 3 Downloadable Presentation
About this session:Best Places to Work winners share the innovative ways they position their companies stand out in today’s competitive talent market.

Session 4Recruiting and HiringSession 4 Downloadable Presentation
About this session:Discover successful strategies for recruiting, hiring and onboarding new employees.

Session 5Turnover PreventionSession 5 Downloadable Presentation
About this session:Successful techniques to prevent voluntary and involuntary turnover.

Session 6Untapped Labor PoolsSession 6 Downloadable Presentation
About this session:Employers stand to benefit from leveraging untapped labor pools including retirees, individuals with varying abilities and individuals recently released from incarceration. Hear from our panel of experts on how to successfully engage these groups. This session will also provide an overview of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and how to begin the process.

Session 7Polk County Workforce Trends and Economic DevelopmentSession 7 Downloadable Presentation
About this session:Polk's business-friendly environment plays a critical role in its growth . Gain an up-close look at Polk's current and future workforce. This session will also feature labor market information as well as demographic information for Polk's 17 municipalities.

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