Meet Sara, Our Virtual Assistant

Have You Met Sara Yet?

Let us introduce you to SARA, our virtual assistant.  SARA is our main communication system that let us stay in contact with you and you with us, check how you are progressing, and service you better.

Communication through SARA is MANDATORY.  If you are receiving services through CareerSource Polk, you must provide your email and/or phone number to your Case Manager to initiate communication through SARA.

SARA communicates with you on our behalf using email and text messaging. If you receive a text message from 857-60, it is from SARA.  You may simply respond as you normally would to a text message.  SARA also sends you an email if we have your email address.  You can use either to respond.  After you respond, SARA will help us coordinate and stay connected.

Feel free to ask your Case Manager about SARA.

Thank you!

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