A program that will provide critical job skills, mentoring, and wages to qualifying out-of-school youth between the ages of 18 to 24.


The Youth Employment Program is a CareerSource Polk initiative designed to assist out-of-school youth ages 18 to 24. Through this initiative, eligible young adults who reside in Polk County will have the opportunity to  garner meaningful skills through their exposure with Polk County employers.  Those who are determined eligible will have the opportunity to work up to 30 hours per week for a maximum of 10 weeks at a wage of $10 per hour.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I qualify?

A: You must be a young adult between the age of 16 and 24 who resides in Polk County.  Applicant must meet the eligibility requirements for enrollment which includes including a review of your family household income for the last 6-month duration. Other eligibility requirements may apply. You cannot apply if you are 25 years or older and if you are younger than 16 years of age at the time of application or enrollment.


Q: How do you select the youth that participate in the program?

A: Selection is based on all of the following criteria:

  • Whether you meet the income requirements (based on income and household size)
  • Other criteria that ensure compliance with WIOA such as need for additional education for basic skills and/or need for stable residence, etc.


Q: How do I apply? 

A: Starting October 8th at 8:00am, return to this website and submit your online Youth Employment application.  The application deadline is October 26, 2018 at 5:00pm.  NOTE:  The demand for jobs in this program is always greater than the number of jobs available.  Visit the https:\\\youth-services\YEP .


Q: What happens after I apply?

A: Once the selection process is complete, all selected applicants will have to complete a screening process which includes a background check and drug screen.  Upon completion of the screening process, youth will be scheduled an eligibility appointment. Please be patient and do not call CareerSource Polk to ask if you are in the program. You can always visit this website for updates.

In the meantime, you should begin gathering the documents that you will need IF you are selected to participate in the program. These include:

  • Social Security card
    • If you need to apply for one, please note that it takes at least two weeks to receive your card.
  • Current photo ID. Acceptable IDs are:
    • Florida driver’s license
    • Florida ID
    • US passport
    • Alien Registration Card
  • Proof of income for household for the last six months including proof of public assistance in the last six months
  • Documentation of Polk County residency. Examples of acceptable documents are:
    • Lease agreement
    • Utility bill
    • Letter from Social Service Agency
  • Documentation to validate last school attended. Examples of acceptable documents are:
    • High school or college diploma
    • Current transcript
    • School summary sheet
    • Withdrawal documentation

You must present original documents at your eligibility appointment. Copies will NOT be accepted.

If you do not bring all documents required for your Eligibility appointment, it will delay the processing of your application and you may loose your slot.

NOTE: A parent or legal guardian must accompany the applicant to the scheduled appointment if they are under 18 years of age. Legal guardians must bring court documents that verifies guardianship. Please be prepared to wait from 45 minutes up to 1 hour depending on the volume.


Q: Can any youth apply?

A: NO. Only youth ages 16 to 24 (at the time of application) and determined eligible for the program.  The young adult and his/her household must meet certain income guidelines.


Q: Will there be a drug test and background screening?

A: Yes. Before admitting any youth into the program, they must pass a drug and FDLE background screening.


Q: What are the dates for the program?

A: November 19, 2018 through January 25, 2019


 Q: How much will I make?

A: Each youth will be work no more than 30 hours per week at a wage of $10 an hour for up to 10 weeks during the employment period.


Q: What types of job could I get?

A: The positions will vary based on availability. Employers will include non-profits, for-profits, and government agencies.


Q: Is it required that I earn a credential while participating in the program?

A: Yes. There will be opportunities for which you will be required to participate in a mandatory workshop that will provide you with an industry-recognized credential.  The credential will enhance chances of obtaining permanent employment.


Q: Will I be reimbursed for participating in the credentialing workshop?

A: Yes. If you successfully achieve a credential, you will be eligible to receive $150.


Q: I still have questions. Can I call someone? 

A: Due to the large number of questions that are received regarding the program, we ask that you click here and send us a message.